We would like to introduce our company to you and enclose our company profile for your perusal.


It will be a great pleasure for us if given an opportunity to prove ourselves as an emerging company that meet the objectives of the Government in making the criteria of BEE, SMME and previously disadvantaged individuals.  The shareholders of the company is Glenn Allin, Leon Smith, Lindile Mabakalmela and Maxwell Monakali, who meet the requirements of previously disadvantaged individuals.


Our company started out in 2000 as solely manufacturing “Glenpatch Asphalt” of which we are the sole manufacturers in the Western Cape, which product we have established to build and construct roads.  We now have a range of products available.  We advanced to the construction and surfacing of roads during 2002 and have managed to successfully complete various projects (see  schedule below).


We now also have a Depot in the Southern and hope to open up in the Eastern Cape soon.

We are aligned with government’s vision, with The Labour Intensive and Skills Development idea of The President as our country is not yet ready for the advanced specialized machinery that will replace our people and deprive them of jobs.  We however still require government support and assistance in modeling a structure in which everybody becomes aware of this revolutionary and economic way of building roads.


The business has as a foundation the owners more than sixty years experience in the civil engineering industry and a firm commitment to service excellence.


Our product is a cold asphalt and non-toxic.  It is the only product that can be used to repair potholes and build roads in cold rainy, snowy and hot conditions.  It has a shelf life of ± 12 months and is environmental friendly.  Because it contains bitumen emulsion, it is self priming and no prime layer has to be applied. Our quality, service, performance standards and commitment are clearly reflected in our list of clients despite being a small operator.


Currently we have been awarded the tender for supply of the:

City of Cape Town                                                   Cape Winelands District Municipality

Drakenstein Municipality                             Eden District Municipality

Witzenberg Municipality                             Breede Rivier / Wynland Municipality

Bergrivier Municipality                                            George Municipality

Mossel Bay Municipality                              Hasequa Municipality


Outside our borders we are entertaining enquiries from Botswana and Lesotho.

We have been contacted by a company in Tanzania for the supply and construction of roads of which we anticipate first supplies to be around October 2007.


We firmly believe that our company products have great potential nationally and internationally which will benefit our country, company and clients. We would be happy to present our products and services with presentations and demonstrations at any given time and hope that you will afford us the opportunity.